Production Technician

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The Production Technician is responsible to perform production operational activities at LSDI Manufacturing Inc. (LMI).  This position reports to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and/or designate.

Roles and Responsibilities

The following are the principal roles and responsibilities of the Production Technician:

  1. Perform operational production activities in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements including the Canada Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and applicable regulations related to psychotropics, Good Manufacturing Practices, and other regulations and guidelines as applicable to the business operations of the company.  
  2. Identification and development of innovative technologies and processes to improve the efficiency, capability, and accuracy of the lab.
  3. Assist with the development of test procedures and processes to ensure products are tested correctly and thoroughly.
  4. Contribute to the setup of test scenarios for new development of products.
  5. Contribute to the analysis of test data and reports of findings.
  6. Preparation of equipment and materials for extraction and processing.
  7. Prepare various medias, substrates, and solutions.
  8. Assist with equipment setup and cultivation activities to produce mushroom raw materials 
  9. Extraction and processing of subject materials in accordance with company SOPs and extraction methods.
  10. Operation of extraction and laboratory equipment.
  11. Packaging and labelling of finished products.
  12. Follow company SOPs, extraction methods, and applicable industry standards to ensure the high-quality manufacturing of products.
  13. Document/record product manufacturing details to ensure product manufacturing traceability.
  14. Cleaning and maintenance of extraction equipment and manufacturing facility.
  15. Other duties as required.


Minimum level of education:

Post-secondary degree/diploma in a related scientific discipline

Minimum level of employment experience:

2+ years of experience in product manufacturing role in a pharmaceutical GMP finished product and/or API manufacturing environment

Other Requirements:

Excellent organizational and time-management skills Detail-oriented. Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills

Working Conditions

There are no special working conditions.

Physical Requirements

There are no special physical requirements.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

All employees shall work according to the provisions outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in addition to the safety policies set forth at LMI.  All employees shall ensure that personal protective and safety equipment are appropriately used as required and that safety policies and SOPs are followed.

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