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The A/QPIC is responsible for the supervision of activities conducted under the Dealer’s License at the LSDI Manufacturing Inc. (LMI) facility, in the absence of and/or in conjunction with the QPIC.  This position reports to the Senior Person in Charge (SPIC).

Roles and Responsibilities

The following are the principal roles and responsibilities of the A/QPIC:

  1. Supervise activities conducted under the Dealer's License and ensure, on behalf of the licensed dealer, that those activities comply with the Canada Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) and Food and Drug Regulations (FDR), in the absence of and/or in conjunction with the QPIC.
  2. Follow Good Manufacturing Practice and other regulations and guidelines as applicable to the business operations of the company.
  3. Ensure that the monetary value of the controlled substances maintained at LMI at any one time does not exceed the monetary value of the level of the license.
  4. Follow the facility and personnel security measures; ensure that the security measures are followed.
  5. Perform authorized Licensed Dealer activities.
  6. Obtain import/export permits.
  7. Report loss, theft or suspicious transactions to the applicable authorities and Health Canada, as required.
  8. Participate in controlled substance destruction.
  9. Perform yearly inventory and reporting to Health Canada.
  10. Provide monthly sales reports to Health Canada.
  11. Maintain Dealer’s License records.
  12. Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  13. Perform staff training on Dealer's License requirements.
  14. Report the status of Dealer's License activities to the SPIC and QPIC on a regular and timely basis.
  15. Maintain current knowledge of Dealer's License and applicable regulatory requirements to ensure that LMI complies with changing and evolving regulatory requirements.
  16. Other duties as required.


Minimum level of education:

Post-secondary degree in a related scientific discipline

Minimum level of employment experience:

2+ years working experience as a QPIC or A/QPIC

Other Requirements:

Knowledge of the Canada Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Canada Food and Drug Act (Controlled Substance Dealer's License requirements) Valid police check

Working Conditions

There are no special working conditions.

Physical Requirements

There are no special physical requirements.

Health and Safety Responsibilities

All employees shall work according to the provisions outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in addition to the safety policies set forth at LMI.  All employees shall ensure that personal protective and safety equipment are appropriately used as required and that safety policies and SOPs are followed by employees.

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